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{{Infobox character
|color = Main color
|color text = Text Color
|name = Name here
|image = [[file: Upload image to wiki and put name here|150px]]
|caption = "Quote"
|wordplay = Wordplay name EX: K66
|alias = Code names and other
|age = Age
|gender = Gender
|species = Race/Species
|born = Day of birth EX: May 12th
|occupation = Job

'''Name Here''' (Name in Katakana here ''Add this only if the katakana spelling is diffrent from the littral spelling''), is a fan-character in the series ''[… Keroro gunso]''.

Basic info here

Known Dissabiltys/Health issues here + Blood type if you wish

Describe how they look

History After childhood

History as a child and or younger

Who do they have a relationship with? EX:

[[Raz]]: Her leader, she treats him with great respect, but finds him a bit to laid back at times.[br /]

Do they have any Abilities? EX:

'''Whirl''':[br /]
This is her attribute spell.[br /]

What are they good at/what are their skills EX:

she can can breath even in total atmosphere absence.[br /]  
Her speed increased especially when flies.[br /]

What are they bad at or make them weak? EX:

She takes heavy damage from ground attacks.[br /]
And Rock Attacks.[br /]

Do you know whats planed for their future?

Girls: N/A[br /]
Boys: N/A[br /]

Only add this if their is something that dose not fit into anything above, EX:

She is apparently saving for something, but no one but her knows. she has about 700.000 Pls in her account[br /]

She still believes strongly in Auralife.[br /]

==External links==
Links to other places that you wish like your youtube or dA EX:
[ Deviantart Owner Page][br /]
This is for those that need help and dont wish to type everything by hand or dont know how to make the page look how the others do. you go under "Source" and past this. here is some the html to help you:

[br /] Dose the fallowing only with <> instead of []:
It puts a space in between typing and acts like a door stop it dose what the text in italics shows for a better idea:

"Keroro is the leader of the keroro platoon [br /]

But is a complete idiot[br /]

See? acts as a door stop and a space maker.

[[File: This_here.png|150px]]:
This allows you to put images into your wikia page, "150px" is your size. 150 is the normal size for the profile area. to add other images to the area you can add stuff like the fallowing:

[[File: This_here.png|thumb|descriptor text here|150px]]:

[[Character name here]]:
This links to anther character page on the wikia wither the page exists or not. if the page dose not the text will show red. if it dose exist it shows in blue and goes to that characters page.

==Name here==:
Makes the text label big, bold, and puts the line area "_________" you see on the wiki pages

===Name here===:
Makes the text big like the label area but dose not add that "_________" you see.

''Name here'':
Makes things like this

'''Name here''':
Makes things like this

[Link here Link Name here]:
Allows you to link to things like your dA or youtube.
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